Body Drench Black Peel Off Mask

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  • DETOXIFY AND STRIP AWAY DIRT AND OIL FROM THE SKIN: The Black Peel-Off Mask from Body Drench works to draw out excess dirt and oil on the skin’s surface than your typical moisturizers. It's stellar for sensitive skin types as it elevates your skin no matter the occasion and you will come out the other side with clearer and smoother skin! Great for use as a detox mask for stressed skin, as it also absorbs pollutants and other impurities from the environment.
  • ENRICHED WITH CHARCOAL, HEALTHY GLOW, AND COMPLEXION: Forget sheet masks! Superstar skin-care and selfie-worthy treatment are meant to be peeled off literally to reveal a gorgeous, glowing complexion! Body Drench Black Peel-Off Mask will do wonders for your skin making you feel good about yourself. Made of pure and natural bamboo charcoal formula with sea buckthorn, a skin-soothing ingredient rich with vitamins and antioxidants, to calm and relieve the skin after use!
  • RESURFACE AND PURIFY SKIN: Give yourself a lavish and pampering spa facial at home with The Black Peel-Off Mask from Body Drench! Its peeling technology helps refine the texture of the skin. Not only that! This also provides a clearer, smoother feel after peeling off. The gentle yet effective peel-off formula removes dullness and impurities, leaving behind a rich, healthy glow in less than 20 minutes, with zero residues!
  • GREAT TO USE ON ALL SKIN TYPES: Designed for use on all skin types, this professional-grade mask will leave your skin oh-so-soft! Safe and great for use on the most sensitive skin types. It gives the extra refreshing feel, especially on hot, muggy days or as an extra pick-me-up on sleepy mornings. Perfect for folks plagued with sweat-induced acne and need not only instant relief, but a solution that'll purify, and protect their skin for days. Use this twice a week and the result is 100% worth it
  • EFFORTLESSLY SMOOTHER SKIN IN MINUTES: Having pore refined skin is achievable with Body Drench The Black Peel-Off Mask! Just gently cleanse and dry your face, apply a thin, even layer to the skin, avoiding the eye area, nostrils, and hair, including brows and lashes. Leave on and luxuriate for 15-20 minutes, or until the mask is completely dry to the touch. Gently peel off mask, starting from the outer edges and working inward, and rinse off any excess with lukewarm water.
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