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  • A RICH, EXTRAVAGANT SILVER PEEL-OFF MASK. Give yourself a lavish and pampering spa facial at home with The Silver Peel-Off Mask. It gently softens the skin and boosts radiance using deeply nourishing Vitamin E and soothing lavender essential oil: ingredients that have been prized for centuries for their powerful beautifying properties. The gentle yet effective peel-off formula removes dullness and impurities, leaving behind a rich, pearlescent glow in less than 20 minutes, with zero residue!
  • VITAMIN E IS A GREAT BEAUTIFIER, WITH EXCEPTIONAL SKIN BENEFITS. The Vitamin E in this silver peel-off mask helps nourish and protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals. It is a powerful antioxidant that may be effective at reducing UV damage. It works to keep the lipids (fats) in your skin fresh and robust enough to help combat environmental stressors. You are left with healthy, resilient, toned skin.
  • SILVER PEEL-OFF MASK ALSO CONTAINS ESSENTIAL LAVENDER OIL, WHICH IS KNOWN FOR ITS CALMING, SOOTHING PROPERTIES. Lavender oil acts as a moisturizer and can soothe irritated, inflamed skin and redness. It also softens fine lines, and the calming, evocative scent of lavender is a known mood enhancer. Lavender has the power to kill bacteria on the skin naturally, as well as helps to balance hormone levels, which is perfect for those with acne-prone skin.
  • SEE A PEARLESCENT, SUPPLE EFFECT IN YOUR SKIN IN AN INSTANT. Silver has been used for centuries for its anti-aging and anti-acne properties. It keeps the skin beautiful and adds instant luminosity to the skin. Mica is used widely in the beauty world for creating a brilliant and shimmering appearance, and gives this pampering peel-off mask its silvery hue. Luxe wellness has never been more accessible.
  • EFFORTLESS TO APPLY AND PEEL OFF! HOW TO USE THE SILVER MASK SKIN-FIRMING PEEL-OFF MASK. After gently cleansing and drying your face, apply a thin, even layer to the skin, avoiding the eye area, nostrils, and hair, including brows and lashes. Leave on and luxuriate for 15-20 minutes, or until the mask is completely dry to the touch. Gently peel off mask, starting from the outer edges and working inward, and rinse off any excess with lukewarm water.
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