Mai Tai Cocktail Mix

Size Guide
  • Our single-serve packs take the guesswork out of mixing the perfect on-the-go cocktail. Whether you are an on-the-go adventurer, an aspiring home mixologist, or just a traveler looking for a cocktail on his or her next flight, look no further than this space-saving, party in a pouch, gems of pure cocktail awesomeness. Trust us you won’t leave home without them!
  • Leisuremann’s Mai Tai Cocktail Mix celebrates the world’s best Tiki cocktail. Combining island citrus with tropical sweetness this legendary beach cocktail will definitely have you feeling like it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Enjoy on the beach, at home, in the backyard, next to the pool, or even on the trail. The Mai Tai is one of those cocktails where time stands still and enjoying the moment is well…no problem!




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