Smooth Soles Foot Peel

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  • EFFECTIVELY REMOVES THE ROUGHEST, CALLUSED SKIN ON FEET: Are your feet crusty with calluses? Do they crack and peel, and feel rough? Get the smooth feet you have always wanted! Ideal for athletes or to those who spend long hours standing for work. Revolutionary Body Drench Smooth Soles Foot Peel gnaws at stubborn calluses and rough skin on your feet and heels. Also, effectively removes dead skin cells that have built up on your feet over the years without pain and leaves feet feeling pampered!
  • SOFT, SMOOTH AND REJUVENATED FEET IN JUST 10 DAYS: Put your best foot forward with Smooth Soles Foot Peel from Body Drench! All it takes is one use and notice a difference in the appearance and feel of your skin! Your feet will feel as smooth as babies would. It not only exfoliates calluses off your feet but also deeply nourishes them to make them smoother and softer. Achieve a visibly smoother, beautiful feet in as little as 10 days. Get your feet ready for those sexy heels in no time!
  • FORMULATED WITH VITAMINS AND BOTANICAL EXTRACTS: Smooth Soles is formulated with highly effective vitamins and botanical extracts to remove even the roughest, callused skin on feet that have built up over the years. This foot peeling mask is rich in skin-healing antioxidants that are not harsh on your skin to help reverse dry, dull feet. Not only does it provide a solution for your dry feet, but also helps protect feet from dead cells and calluses. Men and women can use these foot mask booties!
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED: This one-time use foot exfoliating treatment, packaged in wearable sock booties, is ergonomically designed for a simple and easy procedure. When it comes to applying, simply slide one foot in each bootie and wear for 60 to 90 minutes. Rinse feet with lukewarm water and pat dry and see the dead skin peel away within 4 to 7 days after use! Let the tootsie peel perform its work in providing the long-term solution to cracked heels and dry feet!
  • NO MORE EXPENSIVE SPA AND SALON VISITS: Body Drench Smooth Soles Foot Peel is the perfect at-home treatment to beautiful feet. No more expensive salon and spa appointments needed! Save time and money to pamper yourself and your feet. For tootsie peeling socks that won't just exfoliate skin but will also deliver deep, penetrating moisture, check this out!




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